Agrícola Cantagalo - The largest cocoa producer in Brazil

Established in 1973 by Angelo Calmon de Sá, Agricola Cantagalo is today the largest cocoa producer in Brazil. We have 15 farms located in the cocoa producing regions of the State and employ approximately 600 workers. Our plantations are excellent as are our installations for fermenting, drying and storage. Our best cocoa varieties, with unique origin and superior quality, are known as Cantagalo Cocoa.

Selected cocoa seeds for fine chocolate production

Among our cocoa varieties, there are six highlighting varieties. These are the varieties of higher productivity, producing the best size and quality seeds, recognized by experts as having a unique flavor and superior quality. They are: Encantada, Almada, Serra Grande, Oricó, Cantagalo and Modelo. Among these varieties, four have been already identified as fine cocoa through tests conducted by chocolateries – international and from Brazil – manufacturer of fine chocolate. Our goal is to become the benchmark in fine cocoa!

Environment Preservation

Environment preservation has always been Agrícola Cantagalo´s concern. Its cocoa trees have been planted under the so-called Atlantic Forest, meeting the needs for high moisture and shadow conditions, which makes cocoa culture a strong ally in the preservation of this biome, representing a total area of 2,650 hectares of preserved Atlantic Forest in its properties.
Agrícola Cantagalo has added to its forests specimens like Mahogany, Teak, Brazilian Rosewood, Brazilwood, Canary wood and Peroba, among others. Wild animals hunting and overfishing are forbidden in our farms. Our water springs are carefully preserved and maintained. See image gallery.

Video - farm Boa Sentença

A general overview of the farm Boa Senteça - Agrícola Cantagalo.

Video Cantagalo

Watch TV Mercado documentary on Agrícola Cantagalo (in Portuguese). A Mercado do Cacau production - 2011.

Video - farm Cantagalo

A general overview of the farm Cantagalo - Agrícola Cantagalo.

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